Welcome to the DME Cognition

Welcome to our online tool for self-assessment of multiple intelligences, which could provide a challenging insight into how your mind perceives and processes different type of stimuli. The results could also point you to career choices and suggest better ways to organise your learning. For teachers, instructors and mentors, it would supply them with valuable information on how to approach and structure their work with students, learners, and colleagues in training.

If you wish to learn more about the science behind this tool, you may start here: http://multipleintelligencesoasis.org/. Please note that this online tool should be used for indicative purposes only and does not pretend to have a scientific validity due to its abridged nature. Use it for consultation, but please refer to an HR or psychology professional if you wish to explore this side of your mind in closer detail.

Click Start to begin. You will be asked to rate a number of statements. At the end of the test you will see a summary of findings.